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The Bergen Maritime Museum has a large collection of photos mainly of steamers, motor ships and tankers related to Bergen. We also have other pictures, such as sailing vessels, crew members, Bergen harbour, shipyards, shipwrecks, from World War I and II. The collection has so far not been digitalised.

The museum also has a large collection of maps from the sixteenth century until today and a small collection of historical film material.

For orders of pictures, the following prices apply:

Digitalised files:

JPG or TIF: 130 NOK

Photo copies:

Size 13×18 cm: 150 NOK

Size 18×24 cm: 200 NOK

Orders can be made at the museum or by e-mail. For practical reasons we prefer that orders are not made over the phone.

NB: a handling fee (50 NOK) and postage are added to the price.

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